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Ainslie Johnson

Undergraduate student


Dawson Myers

Summer undergraduate student



Andrea Berrido

Research Coordinator


Alex Zheutlin

Brian Bazzell

Jennifer Du

Jonathan Williams

Megan Munger

Morsi Rayyan

Recent Publications

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Explains the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on clinical research and provides suggestions for which studies should proceed, which …

Summarizes clinical trial evidence suggesting a possible link between angiotensin receptor blocker use and cancer, additional clinical …

Our analysis of data from FDA’s assessment of currently marketed angiotensin receptor blocker drugs, with regard to nitrosamine …

A method for using generative adversarial neural networks to make a synthetic dataset with differential privacy to enable data sharing. …

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My lab investigates how blood pressure can be treated more effectively. Much of that work involves the painstaking development of new …

Pradeep Gunasekaran is a very smart technician in my lab. Recently, he told me that one of his professors once challenged the class to …